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Concerto all'aperto di notte
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2005 - Live
 the first Album of the group with the legendary recordings embodying the memory of Pino Zimba and his legendary performances. The album is made up of songs from the traditional Salento repertoire

2007 - Baciu 'nvelenatu

  in this Album there are 5 original songs by the group, including the two that are now the original pieces of Popular Music in Italy (performed almost by every folk band): " Baciu 'nvelenatu "and " Le sei menu nu quartu ". Another original song of the Album, "Se balla", is an instrumental pearl by Rossano Ruggeri playing his Tres


2012 - Pathos Taranta

 this Album is entirely composed of original songs including "Lassi lu Segnu", "Beddhra Gioconda" and "Mozzafiatu", songs among the best hit of Zimbaria live performances


2019 - Torment

this song is a single hit that crystallizes a moment of sound evolution in Zimbaria story. It was made at a time when the group often performed with brass section


 On TARANTA CHANNEL this playlist featurs all our videos!  

  We re on  TARANTA CHANNEL, here are some of our best videos

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